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Reflection Blog: My ePortfolio experience

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Following the completion of my ePortfolio, I plan to utilize my website as a method of communication with future employers. As a senior that is preparing to graduate and pursue both higher education and possible internships having an ePortfolio is essential. My goal with this ePortfolio is to build professional credibility developing this website into one location that holds all of my accomplishments, experiences and prior work to be followed easily by anyone. Producing my ePortfolio was a bittersweet experience, that made me feel both excited and anxious. I was excited that for the most part I understood how to maneuver around the Wix website. However, I was anxious on how to present my account in a way that would be deemed professional.

I still remain uncertain on whether my website would be considered to be professional enough to send to possible employers. Although I am confident in my online presence and the ability for possible employers to locate all my pages. In my opinion, once I undergo the peer review and revision process and incorporate all the feedback that I will receive I believe that my ePortfolio will be a crucial aspect of my professional life. It will definitely make a difference in a job interview circumstance or in my case when applying to Law School to have everything already in a place that can be delivered easily. During this stage of the ePortfolio process, the only question that I have is regarding the format and the wording of my pages. As this is my first time generating a ePortfolio I would just want clarity that I am heading in the right direction for a professional approach.

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