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The Revision Process

Since the initial creation of my ePortfolio, I have more confidence in the revised layout that I was able to produce based on the feedback I received. The feedback was tremendously helpful in providing guidance for how I might be able to make my ePortfolio more professional, which is the goal that I was striving towards. For instance, altering my profile picture on my home page to show more of my facial features for future employers. I also found it quite beneficial to revisit some of the other pages such as my course projects page, in order to clean it up to make the pages more centered and concise. In my opinion, the majority of my revising was focused on my resume and the about me page. Incorporating the feedback into both and making it my own, I found it particularly difficult to know if I added enough information. As for my about me, I tried to dive more into who I am outside of academics however I was hesitant on whether I had gone off topic. In the same way, for my resume I added pdf versions of some relevant coursework that I am proud of. The process of uploading a functioning pdf into my page was one that I struggled with however I am particularly proud of the ePortfolio that I have now.

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